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You Had Me at "Mess-Free": a Crayola Color Wonder Review

This is what one mom said when I first shared our new discovery - The Crayola Color Wonder. 

I couldn't agree with her more. Parents will surely love this new creation by Crayola. 


We can spark our kids' imaginations while keeping marks on the page and off anything else! Color Wonder markers only write on special Color Wonder paper, so you can leave kids to their mess-free creations. 

  • It comes in various designs and packages, some in durable storage cases that doubles as a lap desk—perfect for mess-free coloring while traveling

  • The Color Wonder marker ink appears only on Color Wonder paper; not on skin, furniture or fabric (you read that right!)

  • This provides the ideal art activity for on-the-go coloring or anywhere mess can be a concern

We first saw this when we visited Ogalala World a few weeks ago and they gave us a set for testing. After seeing how Kara thoroughly enjoyed using it, I decided to get the Thomas the Train Kit (18 page-coloring book that comes with 5 markers). Luckily, it was also on sale - got it for P250 only! 

Kara started drawing and coloring when she turned 1 year old (we got her the Crayola Jumbo Washable crayons which she absolutely loved). 

We were so happy to see her master how to hold crayons and pens properly, but she would draw and color everywhere and I mean, everywhere - walls, bags, curtains, furniture and even on the airplane tray whenever we travel. It's easy to clean it up but she has to learn to only draw and color on specific surfaces or objects (vandalizing property is a no-no; kids will be kids of course but they have to learn about care and respect). This was what led me to the Color Wonder.

Watch Kara's video as we unboxed her new set of Color Wonder kit :) 

When Kara used the markers at home, she did try to draw on her cabinet with it. However, she realized soon after that it won't "color" on anything but the Color Wonder Paper. Since then, she has learned to only use designated materials for art work. Even our finger painting session wasn't that messy because she knew that she can only paint with her hands on the illustration boards and on the kraft paper. This was a simple yet very effective way for her to learn the concept of "caring for other people's properties" and about "order". She would also pack-up her markers after we're done and put them back in the baskets. 

We had to get more because she already finished working on the 18 pages of Thomas the Train coloring book. We got the Color Wonder with Shimmer and Shine coloring book (All the glam and the fun without the mess of glitter because it's built-in the pages), The Paw Patrol Color Wonder Stickers (because our little girl loves dogs and stickers), and the Shimmer and Shine travel kit (which was quite useful every time we eat out or visit the pediatrician; that's how we managed to make her stay seated instead of roaming around). 

The Mess Free Wonder is totally worth the money and this is now one of my favorite things to give as a gift to parents with young kids. Parents often cringe at the sight of markers, but not with these. They also help to teach kids to only color on paper too, because its not fun to color on anything else when the color doesn't show up. 

These are available at Ogalala World online, Ogalala World Shangri-La, Ogalala Ayala The 30th, Rustan's, and Toy Kingdom. 


When you purchase online, get a SPECIAL DISCOUNT when you use this code upon checkout: "OGALALAMommyger"


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