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Yay or Nay? Visiting the Manila Ocean Park

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog but a lot of folks sent me messages regarding our recent experience visiting the Manila Ocean Park.

The main question they had was: WAS IT WORTH IT?

Yes, there are areas under construction but those weren't the ones my kids were so keen to experience. They really wanted to explore the Oceanarium, meet some friendly penguins, and shake hands with sea lions.

We were lucky because there's an ongoing promo and we only paid P680 versus P3,300 per per person and we got to tick off everything on our wish list.

My 3 year old son taught me the names of so many marine creatures. Our favorite part was getting to interact with the Humboldt Penguins.

This breed of penguin is very friendly and social, and they like to talk with each other. They gather in large groups (check my IG story!) Did you know these penguins are different from others because they can drink salt water and fresh water? Most mammals are unable to drink salt water without getting sick!

We also shook "hands" with some sea lions and my kids and my niece were shy at first but they easily warmed up to the beautiful sea lions.

Note: Best to watch the Sea Lion show at the latter part of the day so the sun isn't directly on your face. Also, do bring cash (I haven't carried cash in years but good thing I asked my husband to bring pocket money. We needed it for the animal encounter fees).

This is definitely something to improve on (like offer @gcashofficial for example) but overall, the experience was amazing 🐋🌊


Mommy Karen

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