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Why Positive Language Works

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

I'll share some ways we actually manage to "diffuse" situations and try to keep our calm when dealing with a situation that stresses us as a parent.

Our kids are strong-willed and more often than not, when we use phrases that are reactions based on our triggers, impatience, distrust and misjudgment, it doesn't produce the kind of behavior we expect.

Therefore, as much as we can, we use POSITIVE LANGUAGE.

Positive language not only limits the number of “No's” and “Stop's” so that they are more powerful when you truly need them, but gives important teaching information about what is acceptable behavior.

Rather than “stop running” we say, “Please walk”. Instead of “No screaming” we say, “Please speak softly, like my voice.” Instead of "Don't grab that" we say, "Please ask when you can use it and wait for your turn." WHY DO WE TALK THIS WAY? So Kara & Andy understand what is the RIGHT behavior or expected behavior... It's not confusing and in Kara's case, she also won't be sarcastic like when our yaya told her before to "stop running", Kara responded with "Okay, I'll just hop hop hop..." when what our nanny wanted was for Kara to walk slowly because the floor was slippery. 😆😆😆

Anyway, here are more samples on how you can switch to POSITIVE LANGUAGE. ❤️

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