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Why Kids Should have Pets

One of the key reasons why I fell in love with #MontessoriApproach is that it prepares a child, not for getting into a good university, not for finding a good job, but for #LIFE.

Early on, kids learn to care for themselves, for others and for the environment. Honestly, when you think about it, a person will never succeed in life without the help of several factors - it's not just purely based on passion and potential. In a way, we are all responsible for each other.

In a #Montessori school, kids get to interact with animals, and they build the all-important senses of connection, empathy and caring. They feel a sense of responsibility and are curious to find out more about the animal.

Kara has shown how well she can take care of her plants and she has been asking for a pet hamster. I honestly didn't know how to find one since we're on lockdown but one of

colleagues connected me to a responsible pet store. As soon as Jelly Bean arrived, Kara asked me to prepare a routine chart she can follow so her pet is well-taken cared of (check out Kara's routine chart for hamster care!)

Caring for a pet instills respect for life and an awareness of the needs of others as well as giving children an understanding of how their behavior can affect others. 

Our goal as parents is not to create more geniuses but to raise good people and seeing our kids so kind and gentle really pulls on my heartstrings. ♥️♥️♥️


P.S. Jelly Bean is the cutest! Kara and I have been learning more about #hamster care. Do you also have #pets for your kids? 🙂

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