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Why Children will Love Marbotic Smart Numbers & Letters

I'll admit, I have never heard of this toy until Kidoozi messaged me about it. I visited their website and learned that this toy was developed by education technology experts. Being a former academician (& a parent who believes in the power of technology in improving learning outcomes), this made me all giddy.

Back in 2007 (OMG I feel old), I was teaching college students while taking my Master's Degree (my students were 1-2 years younger than me) and I'm not kidding, technology was a great tool that can aid both educators and students. It was much easier to collaborate and share ideas (amen to Yahoo! Groups). The classes I handled were huge, about 80-90 students each so having a projector and using Powerpoint was also an excellent visual aid for them.

I really believe in the power of technology in enhancing learning. It's just a matter of integrating it properly and that's exactly what Marbotic does. These toys are inspired by the Montessori Method which is built around real-world objects manipulated to nurture the child's exploration and creativity. THE MAIN FEATURES

  • The set is the ultimate learning tools for kids, blending the best of traditional physical toys with modern touchscreen technology, providing optimal learning resources.

  • It includes both Smart Letters and Smart Numbers kits for maximum interactive, educational opportunities and exceptional value.

  • It is built based on the 3 fundamental pillars of learning (reading, writing and arithmetic), while fostering imagination, creativity and critical thinking skills.

  • All 3 "Smart Letters" apps are available for free - learn the alphabet, discover sounds and shapes of letters, and enrich vocabulary with the ability to write an infinite amount of words. Available in 8 languages: American English, British English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish.

  • All 3 "Smart Numbers" apps are available for free - learn to count up to 10, create numbers up to 100, and practice addition and subtraction skills. Available in 13 languages: American English, British English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Brasilian Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Danish.

OUR EXPERIENCE iPad Apps: This review is for the letters and numbers only, but it is worth noting that I LOVE the apps that these work with. They are very well thought out and work with different ages. There's an app which helps you spell out words and have the app read them out to you (for older kids). Then, Kara enjoys the Alphamonster App -- she learns the sounds and sees pictures of objects that start with that letter (this is what you call phonemic awareness, and this is in fact the best way to teach toddlers to read early). It's good that they separated the apps based on what the child will learn - one is just for sounds, one for words, one for counting, one for adding and subtracting, etc.

Watch Kara Playing with Marbotic

Compatibility: We've been using this for 2 weeks and I just love that there is no lag at all. As soon as the letter or number is placed on the screen, it registers it right away and plays into the app. The little pins on the top make it really easy for Kara to lift them on and off the iPad. Learning: Like the apps, these are easy to use as a family or a learning experience for your child. I sit with Kara and we play the apps together for awhile before I give her time to play on her own. She is only 22 months old and in case you follow me on Instagram, you may have watched videos of Kara being able to talk in complete sentences and understanding simple commands. The toy definitely helps in increasing her vocabulary.

I cannot recommend this enough! You can also switch the language in case you want your child to learn Spanish, Italian, etc. This is perfect for Filipino children because we are multi-lingual and hearing words in different languages speeds-up speech development. I think, the only thing that should be improved is the packaging. It would be great to have a dust bag to put the letters and numbers after use. At the moment, we just bring the boxes with us whenever we travel :)


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