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What to Include in Your Birth Plan

My husband and I attended the birthing classes by Miss Chiqui Brosas to help us prepare for the birth of our daughter at The Parenting Emporium.

The following topics were covered:

Day 1: Introduction, Common Complaints, Warning Signs, How to stay healthy, Anatomy, Terms & Definitions, Cardinal Movements, Pregnancy Exercises, Nutrition, Safe Sleeping for infants to prevent SIDS, Goody bag, Birth Plan, SOP's on Hospital Procedures for Mother & the new born

Day 2: Newborn, Role of the Coach, Drugs & Medication, Tests & Interventions, Cesarean, Signs of Labor, Stages of Labor, Breathing & Relaxation, Comfort Measures, Creating a Birth Plan

Day 3: Postpartum, the New born & baby care, breastfeeding, Panic Routine, Positions in Labor, Massages, Breathing

This was a good bonding experience for us and we were happy to meet other expectant parents who share the same experiences. This is where I also learned what to include in my birth plan.

6 day old Kara, going back to SLMC for her first check-up (already gained weight thanks to mama's milk!)

Why Have a Birth Plan?

The power of having a birth plan isn't the actual plan; it's the process of becoming educated about all your options. And, if you're an avid reader of my blog, you know by now that I'm the type of person who plans for all types of situations and risks.

Here's what I gave to my OB on my 36th week (sorry it's kind of lengthy - want to make sure I don't miss out on anything) --

Name of patient: Expected Due date: Obstetrician: Hospital:

We prefer natural birthing methods and wish to avoid any medical intervention unless absolutely necessary. Although having said that, our priority is a healthy mother and a healthy baby. We are open to making informed decisions about medical means necessary to achieve our priority.


We would like maximum time to achieve natural birth. We aim to use natural pain management techniques. We wish to remain active and informed about all details of the birthing process.

Labor to Birth:

  • Please monitor vital signs of both my baby and I upon admission to establish a baseline figure.

  • I would like my husband to be with me at all times.

  • Please don't allow visitors during the time of labor.

  • We wish to enhance our surroundings by (a) having minimal lighting during labor up to birth, and by (b) maintaining silence.

  • We would be grateful for hot compress/cold compress applications.

  • I prefer no IV - instead we opt for ice chips with salts that would prevent dehydration (you may put heparin lock if needed).

  • I would like to remain ambulant except when the bag of water has burst.

  • I would like my husband and I to assume any position, which I am comfortable with.

  • Perineal support with warm washcloth; naturally slow down pushing to allow perineum to stretch.

  • We plan to do cord blood banking.

  • I don't want to have an episiotomy.

Post Birth:

  • Immediate latching of the baby to me after she is resucitated.

  • Only breast milk should be given to the baby.

  • Rooming in of the baby as soon as possible (if my baby and I are both in good condition).

  • If my baby must be taken from me to receive medical treatment, my husband or some other person I designate will accompany my baby at all times.

  • Pain Relief:

  • I prefer no medication so please don't offer any. If I ask, please use low doses and inform us for all possible side effects and ramifications especially for my baby.

  • If an epidural is required, please use a dose that would not numb my legs so I can help with active pushing for normal birth.

If CS is absolutely necessary:

  • I would like my husband to be with me at all times.

  • I would like to have immediate contact with my baby if she is in good condition, and have her latch on me as soon as possible.

  • I prefer a bikini-cut for possible V-BAC for next child.

Since this is a special event in our lives, we hope that you would be flexible enough to accommodate our requests. We are very confident that with Dra. _________'s expertise as well as the help and encouragement from the nurses and the personnel that comprise the birthing team, and most especially with the grace of God, we would be able to push through as planned.

Respectfully Yours,

Mommy K & Daddy A

Noted By:



born at 9:08 AM, thank you lord for a healthy baby girl!

6 minute old Kara, ready for her first skin to skin with mama

I ended up having CS due to some complication. Hubby was with me in the delivery room the whole time (he received a "Birthing Coach" certification by attending the classes of Chiqui Brosas so he can accompany me). Even if I didn't get the chance to do a normal delivery, I was so glad because Kara and I were in good condition and I was so happy that she knew how to correctly latch! Plus, giving birth at St. Luke's was a great decision. They used laser technology to make the incision (less bleeding and chances of infection). They also laser-cauterized the incision afterwards.

Kara fell asleep right after her first breastfeeding session... haha

6 hours after the surgery, I was already walking around. My OB and Kara's pedia said I have so much grit. In order to recover quickly from a major surgery, you can't just lie down. Your mind has to tell your body that you want it to heal faster. Maybe, I have high tolerance for pain but I think my OB and the birthing team of St. Luke's Global City really did a good job which helped in my speedy recovery. We only stayed for 2.5 days at the hospital and got clearance to go home with Kara.

The best part? A lactation nurse visited every 3 hours to check on our breastfeeding journey. She taught me the various positions I can hold Kara so it isn't painful for my incision. Kara's pediatrician also visited daily to explain about what's normal and what isn't for a breastfed baby. She has been in practice for 25+ years and we chose her and our OB not just because of their expertise and experience but also because both of them breastfed all their children.

All I can say is, being a parent is such a life changing event and having that birth plan really aided us into having a smooth transition. :)

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