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Top Mustela Products for Everyday Carry (EDC)

One of the many things that my hubby has been trying to teach me is to pack light. The concept is still quite alien to me. See, I bring one week worth of clothes for Kara for an overnight stay at a friend's house. I guess, that's too much. LOL.

Good thing, Adi prepared a guideline for what we call our "Everyday Carry", i.e. items that we can carry and put in the car on a consistent basis to assist in dealing with normal needs and for those spur of the moment plans to hit the beach or visit relatives with our little girl.

The most important criteria for our EDC is Functionality (for example - diapers are of course functional - I will go insane if we don't have any diapers while in the middle of nowhere).

The next criteria that we considered are the following:

Coordination: How do i make my baby's experience with me as comfortable as possible? Balance: How easy is it to carry, use, and put away? Flexibility: How easy is it to scale our gear up or down depending on our needs?

After doing some trial runs and searching for baby products that won't take up so much space or cost Kara's diaper bag to weight a ton, we finally came up with a list of baby care products that meet our EDC requirements.

The Best Part? We discovered a brand that works well with my daughter's skin (Kara has eczema so we are very careful with the baby products we use). We first heard about this brand when we attended a class at The Parenting Emporium and now it has become part of our Everyday Carry.

Just last week, we decided to visit our friend and of course, brought our Mustela Baby-on-the-go Kit with us (after swimming, I discovered that my friend also uses Mustela for baby Josh -- that's why Baby Josh smells so good! I was wondering why the smell of his hair was so familiar).

Here's the list of Baby Care products for our EDC:

Mustela Bebe Dermo-Cleansing Gel: We love washing Kara in this. It smells so nice, and it doesn't seem to dry out her skin as much as other baby washes we tried. It's very gentle, and occasionally some slightly soapy water has gotten near her face/eyes and it hasn't bothered her at all. Tear-free indeed.

Mustela Hydra Bebe Body Lotion: Kara enjoys rubbing lotion on her arms and legs after a bath (she even does it on her own). It makes that sweet-smelling baby bath last a little bit longer. It's more of a water-based, no greasy feeling or slick hands after application. Her skin really stays moisturized the whole day which helps prevent any flare-ups.

Mustela Rinse Water: MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE - This is a must have for all moms with newborns! While we're out and about and I would need to wash Kara, this was so much better than baby wipes, especially on the face, diaper area, neck, and behind the ears. I used this mostly in the first 2 months (babies can only have sponge bath until the stud of their belly button falls-off). Loved how clean this made Kara smell too!

(side note: I've seen moms use rubbing alcohol for sponge baths. PLEASE BE AWARE that rubbing alcohol shouldn't be used for children especially babies. It is easily absorbed through the skin or through the lungs when inhaled. You cant put it on their hands because kids put their hands in their mouths all the time! it can cause poisoning, and worst case scenario, a coma. SAFETY FIRST!)

Mustela Creme Change: It's not too thick compared to some of the other creams and has been working well for preventing and treating diaper rash. It has Zinc Oxide - which offers the fastest relief when there is diaper rash.

In a few weeks, we'll be flying to Phuket, Thailand with our little girl and of course, we'll be bringing these :)

Thank you Mustela Philippines for these wonderful products for parents and babies-on-the-go!

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