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Top Baby Products Parents Recommend

FACT: As parents, we do need a lot of help and a lot of things that can significantly enhance our abilities to take care of our children. However, sifting through all the marketing hype and advertising can be overwhelming. 

Personally, I prefer getting recommendations from other parents and reading reviews... lots and lots of reviews to help determine what is worth spending money on, and what is essentially something parents and their babies can live without. 

I asked a very simple question: What are the TOP PRODUCTS THAT HELP YOU THE MOST AS A PARENT? 

After tallying and reviewing hundreds of replies, these are the top products recommended by parents (who follow my account on Instagram - you can see their responses here). These results are not prescriptive in any way but it was very helpful to learn about what other parents find very useful.

A. Medela Double Electric Breast Pumps from The Parenting Emporium

No. 1 Recommended for Baby Essentials

No. 1 Recommended under Electronic Breast pumps

An efficient breast pump can help establish milk supply or alleviate engorgement. There are many pumps on the market, but parents have wholeheartedly recommended this. Couldn't agree more! I also have one and it has helped me greatly especially while travelling and transporting my liquid gold. 

B. I-Angel Hip Carrier

No. 2 Recommended for Baby Essentials

No. 1 Recommended for Baby Carriers

With I-Angel, the baby-wearer can enjoy superior comfort thanks to the unique lumbar support and waist belt. The hip seat provides amazing stability, relieves pressure, and allow baby’s weight to be evenly distributed for a more comfortable fit. It offers optimal support and positioning for the baby, not just for mama or papa. 

C. Haakaa Manual Breast Pumps from Milk and Honey PH

No. 3 Recommended for Baby Essentials

No. 1 Recommended for Manual Breastpumps

I have heard and seen countless of moms raving about this product. One friend even said that this thing works like magic on one side while her baby is nursing on the other. It’s also great for expressing a bit of milk before baby nurses if you're too full or have a fast let down. I'm surely going to get one when we have another baby. 

Original Haakaa is available at Rustan’s and Milk & Honey PH (be careful as there are plenty of fake versions being sold online).

D. Eco Mom UV Sterilizer

No. 4 Recommended for Baby Essentials

No. 1 Recommended for UV Sterilizers for Home Use

We also have the Eco Mom and we use it to sterilize feeding bottles, feeding mats, sippy cups, cellphones, remote controls, utensils, the list goes on. Basically, everything that Kara uses gets sterilized as long as it fits inside. We don't do it all the time of course, just need to reduce the amount of germs esp with objects that are also used by other people (like remote controls).

E. Halo Sleepsack

No. 5 Recommended for Baby Essentials No. 1 Recommended for Swaddles 

We know swaddling can be super soothing to newborns (we attended a Birthing class to learn about swaddling and more). But despite watching many videos, some of us have to admit we’re just not good at swaddling using blankets or receiving cloths. Good news: Halo Sleepsacks provide the snug embrace of a swaddle, but require zero skills. Just zip up the sack and velcro the “wings” around your baby. Ta-da!

F. Beginnings Baby White garments

No. 6 Recommended for Baby Essentials No. 1 Recommended for Baby Clothes

Your bundle of joy needs to be kept happy and content at all times, which means you have to make them wear soft and comfy clothing that DOESN’T IRRITATE THEIR SKIN or cause adverse reactions. The clothes can be worn by both genders. They are all white in color, so you can pair them with a number of outfits and are great for layering (in our case, when we travel with Kara to cooler climates - we just make her wear a white top then put on pants and a jacket and voila! She’s ready to go!) 

G. UV Care Portable Sterilizers

No. 7 Recommended for Baby Essentials No. 1 Recommended for Portable UV Sterilizers

I don’t think i need to elaborate why this is a must-have. I’m not a fan of using hot water or steam to sterilize my breast pumps or feeding bottles - it’s not just dangerous for me (when I’m sleepy and walking around like a zombie) but also for Kara because some bacteria actually grow more in hot and damp environments. As a frequent traveller, this is also my savior because I can sterilize just about anything - from binkies that fell on the ground to airplane trays. 

H. Tiny Buds Tiny Remedies

No. 8 Recommended for Baby Essentials No. 1 Recommended for Natural and Safe Remedies & Child Toothpaste 

Here’s a tip (from several pediatricians and pedia-dermas, you can also ask yours) - the more ingredients a baby product has, the more dangerous it is to be used on your child. For children with eczema like Kara, they are also quite sensitive when there are plenty of chemicals so as much as you can, stick with products made of natural and safe ingredients.

I’ve said this repeatedly in my IG posts - I also use the After-bites whenever I get bit by mosquitos or ants because it is so soothing (without methol - which is bad for kids by the way - please don’t apply Vicks or use those cooling pads for fever - anything with Parabens is a no-no). 

As for the Tiny Fangs - you’ve seen how Kara enjoys brushing her teeth and it’s all because of this amazing toothpaste! I always hoard these whenever there’s a promo.

There you go! Thanks again mommies for sharing your time in answering my question. 

I have the top 20 list but I’m focused on the top 8 as the votes for these just had a few differences.  Feel free to share this to expectant parents (or maybe you’ll have a change of heart and invest in the products in this list) 😉

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