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Tips for Air Travel with Babies or Toddlers

When it comes to travelling with a baby or a toddler (whether by land, sea, or air), remember the cardinal rule in parenting: CREATE A HOME AWAY FROM HOME.

To date, Kara (our 19 month old daughter) has set foot on 3 other countries and she's about to visit her 4th and 5th come August this year.

We've been to short and long haul flights with her and have learned many lessons based from our experience.

To make your air travel somewhat pleasant (I can't guarantee that there won't be any tears -- from you or your baby), have come up with a checklist (on what to prepare).

But first, here are the main tips:

  • Pack a few days before your travel. Keep a running list to make sure you don't forget anything (refer to the infographics).

  • Use clothes organizers (tip from my mother) so you don't have to hunt around to find a pair of little socks.

  • Get bulk head seats (you will need the extra leg room; and this is where they also attach the cots for infants).

  • Don't forget to bring these very important documents:

  • Passport

  • Child's birth certificate

  • Printout guidelines for carrying water or breastmilk above 100 ml (make sure to check your country of destination regarding this; also check if they have any Baby Care or Nursing Stations).

  • Delegate tasks with your companions.

  • Who will carry the baby

  • Who will be in charge of filling out forms

  • Who will carry the diaper bag, etc.

And of course, here are the essentials for survival - I organized them per category.

Lastly, don't mind judgments from strangers. If you need to lift the floodgates on screen time to keep your little one sitting still for the whole flight, that’s fine. If your baby throws a tantrum, you do what you need to do. Just survive the next few hours, expect nothing of strangers, and maybe someone will surprise you with some kind words or even a helping hand with a bag, you never know.

If you like, you can prepare loot bags for the people sitting near you (fill them with chocolates and ear plugs so they don't hate you too much just in case your baby gets too wild or something).


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