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There is No Such Thing as Bad Weather (Only Bad Clothing)

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

"Hiwaga ng panahon

Akbay ng ambon

Sa p'yesta ng dahon

Ako'y sumilong...

Sinong di mapapasayaw sa ulan?"

It's been raining heavily in the Philippines (for almost a month now) but that doesn't stop us from going outdoors! I'm a firm believer of "there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing."

And I'm here to bust that myth -- that going outside while it's raining will make you catch a cold - absolutely not true. Parents, let's help our kids develop a healthy respect for nature by encouraging them to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has to offer on any given day.

For example, when I still lived in US, I managed to survive a Polar Vortex when the temperature was below 0, to be specific -38C! I didn't get sick, I just made sure to boost my immune system and dress properly whenever I'm outside.

During my lunch break, Kara, Andy and I went out to make some bubbles while it was raining and we had a blast! My 2 year old even asked "Where does rain come from mama? Kara also asked why it's been raining almost everyday.

There is so much to learn outdoors. Dr. Montessori was even a strong believer that learning doesn't start nor end at classroom doors (or in the pandemic context, not limited to a "home classroom set-up" or to purely academic endeavors).

When you can, do go out and play in the rain ❤️

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