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The Doctor is IN: Getting Your Child's Vaccines at Home

With the Covid-19 public health crisis in full throttle, I'm sure a lot of us are recoiling at the idea of taking our kids to a doctor’s office However, delaying vaccines especially in children may lead to potential outbreaks and for months, I've been worried because my kids' vaccines (especially my 1 year old son) were delayed already.

We also moved out of NCR, and our pediatrician's clinic is based at Makati Medical Center. That meant we weren't allowed to travel to Makati during the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Meanwhile, for those who have the option to go see their pediatricians, the doctors themselves are figuring out whether they can safely treat all their young patients in their clinics, and if not, which children take priority.

Pediatricians are of course being extra careful, limiting the number of people attending visits, taking everyone’s temperature before letting them inside, funneling patients straight to exam rooms and ensuring everyone is wearing a mask. In the case of our pedia, his medical staff would go down to the parking lot to administer the vaccines, much like a drive-through (but again -- this wasn't applicable to us due to travel restrictions). For weeks, I've been scrambling for information on how to get our children vaccinated and thank goodness for mom groups in Facebook, and in Viber -- I discovered Doctor Phoebe!

I asked for her credentials and verified it then we scheduled an appointment for a home visit. Her husband is also a doctor, and they're both very responsive even if you ask them a thousand questions :)

Come Vaccine Day, they came fully geared up with Personal Protective Equipment. My 1 year old was just wondering what was happening and didn't mind getting shots.

Kara was a different case because she is now scared of needles (no thanks to the nurses who did a really bad job while extracting blood from her before). She really cried hard but she understood that she needed the vaccine to make sure she and other people are protected.

Kara and Andy both had 2 shots each, they're getting their next set of vaccines after a month. Doctor Phoebe and Doctor Gian also checked on their overall well-being and even asked about the kids the next day.



Prevention is better than cure and as such it is always advisable to get vaccinated for the varied diseases rather than suffer and seek medication. Vaccination forms a line of defense for our body and prevents it from getting infected with any infectious disease, some of which can be fatal. Thanks to vaccination a number of diseases have been successfully eradicated. The top few reasons to get vaccinated are: Vaccination protects children and adults from harmful diseases that can be fatal or might cause some physical disability.

If you are not immunized then you might just get infected with a disease and can spread the disease to family members with low immunity or those who are also not vaccinated.

Vaccination costs far less than the cost of the medical care needed to cure you if you get infected with an infectious disease.

And now, with the availability of vaccination at home, you no longer need to stress yourself about visiting a clinic or hospital.

Stay safe everyone!

Mommy K

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