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New Discovery: Car Magic's Affordable, Convenient Car Repair Home Service

One evening, my husband and I decided to have dinner at a mall. 2 hours passed and we returned to the parking lot only to see our relatively new car -- all banged up.

I was overwhelmed with emotion and burst into tears. Whoever did it had no sense of remorse and didn't leave a note. It was also unfortunate that the mall's camera footage wasn't able to identify the aggressor who left my poor Crinkles (our Innova) in a grave condition.

I checked with our insurance provider to see how long the repair would take and they said 2 weeks to a month!!! Given the nature of my work where I have meetings at different places, that timeline was too long (and that doesn't even include the timeline for investigation and paperwork).

I tried asking around and a friend mentioned Car Magic. What made me very interested was the fact that they can fix your car in JUST ONE DAY and they can do it AT YOUR HOME.

Car Magic was founded by Mr. Butch Salvador in 1998 with the goal to make car repair and maintenance affordable, convenient, and transparent (you can watch them as they work!).

As we all know, dealing with car problems is not only a time-consuming and frustrating experience, it is often expensive. Car owners often lack visibility regarding the quality of mechanics or fairness of price.The estimate for Car Magic starts at a very affordable price (only P3,500!)

I immediately messaged them at their Facebook page and they replied instantly. I was also very glad to discover that Mr. Butch Salvador is also mentor for Go Negosyo. I was able to talk to him and he was so accommodating, they scheduled our appointment on a weekend when it was most convenient. The repairs were completed in under 5 hours - IT WAS MAGIC INDEED.

Time is GOLD and Life is TOO SHORT so I suggest, don't waste it waiting for something that can be done in just A DAY. Plus, they really did a pretty good job! Mr. Butch Salvador even checked on us a week after to make sure the repairs done met our expectations.

Check out this feature by Rated K - this business was started with just P100 in capital.

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