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List of Items to Bring in Your Hospital Bag

As a project manager, I have a tendency to prepare ahead of time and think of all possible outcomes and how I'll deal with them.

Just imagine when my nesting instinct kicked in (you know, that point in your pregnancy when you have such a strong urge to organize and fix everything).

On my 27th week of pregnancy with Kara, I came up with a hospital bag checklist and a due date on when everything has to be packed. It is advisable that you pack several weeks in advance of your due date - just in case the baby decides to make a slightly early appearance. Believe me, you don't want to be scrambling the last minute and drive yourself and your husband/partner to madness.

Here's what I prepared, I hope this checklist helps you in your transition to parenthood! Being a mother is the best thing ever.

Just an aside, I'm not sure whether push gifts have started becoming a thing in the Philippines. I believe it should be. It's such a wonderful way of thanking your wife/partner to bring the baby into the world (all that nausea, morning sickness, heartburn, flatulence, non-stop peeing... shall I go on?)

Some of my friends got jewelry for push gifts; others got car keys and house keys (I think I'd prefer the latter since I'm not into jewelry hahaha)

What push gift would you like?

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