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Leave it to the Experts: Professional Cleaning by Ninja Made PH

When I met Ace, owner of Ninja Made PH during an event, my mind was set at getting a home-cleaning service for our condo that we're renting it out. Her knowledge of deep-cleaning was... really deep! I don't know how else to describe it -- she was that generous in sharing house-keeping tips and I enjoyed learning about it.

As you know, I'm fond of DIY-ing but I'm a big believer of delegating tasks that I'm not an expert on (like cleaning) -- "Focus on what You do Best, Just Outsource the Rest" as I always say.

Ninja Made PH specializes in house-cleaning services, providing tidying or more in-depth cleaning services. I love how the company is environmentally friendly and uses natural cleaning products which are better for both the earth and humans.

Since I'm little Miss Paranoid, I had to ask how long their employees have been with them and how they are trained and screened. I was very happy to hear that their professional cleaners have been with them since the beginning and they are also from the community that Rommel and Ace (the owners) are helping out. I heard from Ace as well that they try to send the same cleaning team each time so the team becomes familiar with the space and cleaning routine and they develop a good relationship with their clients.

When the Ninjas arrived, they didn't even waste time and immediately discussed who is going to do what -- assigning rooms according to their specialization.

I was quite delighted by the job they did. They were very efficient and thorough and the problem areas I mentioned we're all addressed (we had these water stains on the bathroom floor that we couldn't get rid of, but the Ninjas managed to do it!)

Here are some photos of the Ninjas in action. They even managed to reach and clean our very high walls and ceiling. Our condo unit is 4.2 meters high!

They polished and dusted everything. You can't even see any speck of dust in any of our appliances and furniture.

The water stains on the fixtures and the bathroom walls and tiles were all removed.

They also cleaned our AC units. After they were done, we could really feel and smell the difference inside the condo.

Their services are BEST for homeowners who are too busy or unable to deeply clean their own homes, as well as renters who want their living space thoroughly tidied or cleaned.

I highly suggest to get deep-cleaning services on a regular basis (like quarterly) and for those without house help, save yourself the time and effort and get an expert to help you. <3

Call +63 916 668-6308 / +63 917 166-5444 or email

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