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How to Toilet Train Your Toddler: The Montessori Way

We didn't schedule anything this weekend because we're preparing Kara to reach another milestone which will save us lots of money - no more need for diapers! 

 (photo of training pants from Lazada)

We projected how much diaper Kara will need (based on weight, not age as the weight varies per age). This is also based on studies by well-known and very reliable diaper brands. This helps us in terms of BUDGETING and watching out for promos (we buy in bulk because the price per piece is much cheaper but we make sure not to overstock because it will be a waste). This is the projection up to 24 months of age because the usual time children show readiness for this (emotionally, psychologically and physically) is between 18 to 36 months old.

Before attempting to toilet-train, parents must know if their child is ready. There are several signs that show readiness.

What Are the Signs of Readiness for Toilet-Training?

Your child...

  • is between 18 months to 3 years old

  • is walking and can sit for short periods of time

  • is becoming generally more independent when it comes to completing tasks

  • is becoming interested in watching others go to the toilet (yes, it's awkward to be watched while you pee but it's a learning experience haha Kara even likes to try the bidet)

  • has dry diapers for up to two hours – this shows s/he can store pee in his/her bladder (which automatically empties in younger babies or newborns)

  • tells you with words or gestures when s/he poos or pees in his/her diaper (in our case, Kara runs for the comfort room and she actually says "pee-pee" or "boo-boo"; she is used to hearing us say it when we need to take a break from playing i.e. "mama has to go pee")

  • begins to dislike wearing a diaper, tries to pull it off when it’s wet or soiled

  • has regular, soft, formed bowel movements

  • can pull his/her pants up and down

  • can follow simple instructions / understand simple sentences

Your child doesn't have to demonstrate all but mostly show interest, awareness when s/he is eliminating, practices some independence, and has dry diapers. 

What Do You Need for Toilet-Training?

(photo of Toilet Trainer from Lazada)

  • Training pants - in our case, the cuter the better; try bringing your toddler at the mall to pick his/her own.

  • Toilet Trainer - I just ordered the 3-in-1 Toilet Trainer from Lazada (I saw this originally from Amazon) for home use then we also have a travel potty (the Oxo Tot 2-in-1). 

  • Cleaning supplies for the floor, for you and your toddler (for any accidents)

  • Activity books (i.e. coloring books) to keep your child from standing all of a sudden

  • At least 2 days straight at home

  • Lots and lots of PATIENCE

How Do You Start?

  1. Monitor your toddler's pee's and poo's for a couple of days BEFORE you begin toilet-training so you can understand the timings. 

  2. Look out for signs that your toddler needs to go to the toilet – some cues include changes in posture, passing wind, going quiet or moving to a corner, tells you s/he has to go pee or poo. Bring him/her then ask him/her to sit.

  3. If your toddler doesn’t do a wee or poo after 2 minutes of sitting on the potty or toilet, take him/her off. It’s best not to make your child sit on the toilet for long periods of time, because this will feel like punishment.

  4. Praise (by encouraging) your toddler when s/he is successful. DON'T REACT NEGATIVELY or make a fuss in case there is an accident. Just clean it up.

  5. Don't make him/her wear a diaper except during naps and night time sleep. Just use underwear/training pants.

  6. Dress him/her in easy clothes that are easy to take-off, like pants with elastic waistbands. 

  7. Show him/her how to wipe properly (front to back for girls). 

  8. And of course, always wash hands every after pee or poo. 

There you go! We are excited for this weekend!!! I shall provide updates via Instagram LOL :)

Again, remember not to pressure your kiddo to start toilet-training. This is the Montessori Way. 

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