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How to Apply for Your Baby's PH Passport

When Kara was around 4 months old, we got her PH Passport (why at 4 months old? It takes that long to get the NSO Birth Certificate and that is required for both US and PH passport application).

The good thing with getting a baby's passport (or those below 7 years old) is that YOU DON'T HAVE TO LINE UP (well, obviously they shouldn't make you line up - it won't be comfortable for the baby nor for you).

You also don't need to schedule an appointment. Just show up with the baby. :)

I called DFA to ask where it would be EASIEST to apply for my baby's passport and they advised to go to Robinson's Galleria (quick note: this satellite branch is exclusive for OFW's but they will accommodate you and prioritize you if you are getting it for a baby).

The documentary requirements are as follows (there will be additional requirements if parents are not married or if the baby will travel with neither parents):

  • Personal appearance of the baby - accompanied by either parent (it has to be the mother, if not married).

  • Original NSO Birth Certificate of the baby - you have to submit this so make sure to order several copies from NSO (just a quick note: again, this will only be available 4 months after birth. If you need to apply before your baby turns 4 months old, you can get a Certified True Copy from the Local Civil Registrar). .

  • Original and photocopy of Parents' Marriage Certificate - you have to show the original but you will only be submitting the photocopy.

  • Original and photocopies of the passports of people travelling with the minor - if not married and only the biological father is travelling with the baby/minor, the biological mother has to provide an Affidavit of Support and Consent. If the child is not travelling with his/her parents, secure a travel clearance from DSWD (click here for more details).

Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare all required documents.

  2. Upon entrance, advise the guard that you are applying for a minor's passport. They will escort you to Window 1 (Document Verification). Just go in front, no one will mind if you don't line up. All minors, senior citizens, and pregnant women are prioritized.

  3. You will be given an application form. Complete this, then come back to Window 1. Again, no need to line-up.

  4. Once all information and requirements are verified, you need to go to Window 5 to get a slip for paying the application fee. The cost is P1,200 for express delivery (7 days) then P950 for regular delivery (14 days). You also have to mention whether you plan to pick-up the passport or have it delivered via courier.

  5. Proceed to the cashier. Again, just go in front :)

  6. Once you're done paying, proceed to the courtesy lane for Encoding and Photo Capture. If your baby can already sit then you wont be asked to make her lie down for picture taking.

  7. Once the details are encoded, they will ask you to verify the information then place your signature.

  8. Lastly, go to the Courier Window Service to pay for delivery fee of P150.


The whole process took 30 minutes. We went around lunch time and on a weekday to make sure there are less chances of having other babies / pregnant women / senior citizens applying the same time as us.

KUDOS to DFA for having a very organized application process and for having courtesy lanes :)

I hope NSO will fix whatever is the reason for them to produce birth certificates so late (it shouldn't even take a week - documents can be sent electronically if the birth was done in a hospital; or if electronic means poses as a risk for leaking personal information - they can arrange for same day couriers). Again, as a techie person, I don't understand why it takes at least 4 months to secure this document.

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