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Benefits of Having an Aquarium for Kids

Our new pet, a Betta fish -- just arrived and I'm so happy that my colleague connected me to a pet store that has a self-cleaning fish tank! ❤️❤️❤️

My toddler, Andy actually loves watching fishes swim.

I started researching about this & read studies which mentioned that watching fish swim in an aquarium has actual health benefits, including a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate.

Additional studies have shown a reduction in anxiety and stress when people gaze at fish swimming in a tank. This information has the potential to help a young child who may feel anxious about separating from his parents or in our case, being cooped up and unable to go out of the house due to the local regulations.

Having pets to care for helps teach responsibility, compassion, empathy, and an understanding and respect for other living things. Pets teach children to value life other than their own, in addition to teaching them about the natural growth and life cycles of many different species which they can observe on a daily basis!

Another benefit is the stress reduction that occurs as a result of observing and petting the animals, from which both the children and the animals can benefit.

Kara asked me to make a separate routine chart for Norman III so she and Andy will know when to feed ❤️❤️❤️

P.S. A lot of you have asked where to find this self-cleaning fish tank -- my colleague actually referred me to this store (the same one who help us get our pet hamster) and they provided everything and sent it over to our home via LalaMove: LOOK FOR JAMES!

You can also check their Lazada Store for pet supplies and more:

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