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3 Things You Need to Know About Essential Oils

I have been very curious about essential oils mainly because I am allergic to some pain relievers and I have been looking for alternatives to help with headaches and muscle pains (whenever it’s that time of the month). I also wanted to find natural alternatives for sanitizing and deodorizing the household instead of using chemicals which can be very harmful to us, especially to our child.

Good thing, Vicky Chang of Doterra Therapy reached out to me and provided a crash course on Essential Oils. It was a very fruitful discussion over lunch as I was able to learn A LOT, and I mean A LOT. She explained the proper use, including correct ratios when diluting. She also told me which EO’s are safe for children, and provided information on the basic Do’s and Don’ts.

What are Essential Oils?

These are concentrated, liquid plant extract that contain the essence of a plant, including its aroma and health properties. It has been used for thousands of years for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. There have been several studies on its efficacy.

Is it safe to use?

Too much of anything will be bad for you (including water – ever heard of water toxicity?) Just like any other product, you have to FOLLOW the instructions on how it should be used. Don’t try to experiment.

(We got this set of Blended Essential Oils for Babies from The Parenting Emporium).

TOPICAL USE: Make sure that you mix it with a carrier oil BEFORE applying it on your skin. Refer to below guidelines for more information on the correct ratios (note: 1 teaspoon = 5ml).

AROMATIC USE : Diffusing is a safe method for individuals with sensitive skin and some essential oils can also help kill germs (yes, germs and bacteria) and airborne microbes. Make sure to diffuse no more than 2-5 drops at a time. Don’t sit too close (at least 2 feet away) and don’t diffuse for too long. To add, be mindful of who is in the room with you.

Note: Some essential oils are not safe for babies at a certain age or for pregnant or nursing mothers. Please check first prior to using. What is considered safe are Lavender and Lemon (at low dilution).

CLEANING: Gone are the days of holding my breath so as not to inhale the fumes, or wearing those weird yellow gloves to protect my skin. After meeting Vicky, I started making natural, non-toxic, cleaning products with Lemon. Now, we don’t have to bring Kara out for 2 hours or make her stay in the room while people are cleaning.

Here’s the recipe we used: amber glass or PET Plastic spray bottle add ¼ cup white vinegar, 1 ½ cups distilled water, and 25 drops lemon essential oil. To use, just shake to combine, spray on surface, and wipe clean. Voila!

VERY IMPORTANT – Essential Oils can only be placed in Amber Glass Bottles (pure ones will melt plastic).

Is it effective?

Since receiving the EO’s, we’ve been using 4 drops of Lavender with our Doterra Petal Diffuser every night. We set the timer for an hour and we’ve been sleeping well ever since. I’m not kidding – as an insomniac who was prescribed medicine previously to help me get some sleep – this was such a relief. Plus - I used to dance Kara to sleep but now I just turn on the diffuser and in a few minutes, she’s out.

As for my headache and muscle pains, I discovered that Peppermint essential oil is a very effective natural painkiller and muscle relaxant. It is especially helpful in soothing an aching back, melting away a tension headache. I just apply 1 drop of Peppermint with 1 drop of lavender on my neck and shoulders. I also tried it on my hubby after he played badminton and it help with his sore muscles.

I’ve also been taking a whiff while at work (yes, I bring the EO’s with me). Helps keep me alert and saves me P205 a day (that’s how much I spend for my Iced, Caramel Venti Macchiato, Upside down with Soy Milk).

Overall, I’m very happy with my experience and I just wished I discovered EO’s sooner!


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